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Amalgam communication technology PLC is a fleet management service provider company.It is founded by professionals that have more than a decade of experiences in diverse range of business both abroad and in the country. Professionals in fuel management, automotive and information communication field have combined their effort to make the company competent in every direction.

Geo fences

Create any number of Geo fences of various shapes, colors, and sizes to restrict unit movements, prevent vehicle thefts, and control its activities within a specified area.


Receive e-mail, SMS or pop-up notifications if a certain
event occurs (e.g. violations, alarm button activation,
sensor value variations, connection loss, idling, etc.). 


Create tracks to display unit movements on the map and get quick access to unit activity data via event markers. Track Player app makes it easier to  follow.


Use mini maps to instantly access extended unit information,current location, speed, and address or follow units with Google Street View

Experience control at scale

Amalgam brings together satellite monitoring and video surveillance in one platform Feature-rich system, combined with MDVRs functionality, allows you to watch the assets and the events on the way with your own eyes.
Accurate unbiased video records enable precise incident analysis which in the end leads to reduced accident rates, increased fuel economy, improved road safety, and enhanced smart insurance practices.

Amalgam communications PLC is specially dedicated to provide you with state-of-the-art GPS trackers so that you can always know the real time and historical location of your vehicles.

when you use our GPS vehicle tracking solutions you will also be able to know the following about your vehicle . . .

  • Fuel consumption and mileage calculation
  • Driving behavior including speeding, over RPM, hard deceleration/acceleration, idle engine notification.
  • Geo-fencing alarm
  • Trips and tasks reports
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Vehicle status including low voltage alarm, high engine temperature alarm, engine fault code recording,etc

Do you want to know the details of your vehicle’s engine diagnosis? no need to waste time and man power, our OBD (Onbord Diagnosis System)

can report in minuted more than you want. It can be installed as plug-and-play

or hard-wired and will report not only but the following . . .

  • Live Car engine data and DTC reading.
  • Remote report the hard acceleration, hard deceleration, hard braking, idle engine, speeding.
  • Read car fault codes.
  • Fatigue driving alarm.
  • Upload based time interval, distance and direction.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Monitor driver ID and driving behavior.
  • It could read OBD parameters from car ECU, capture GPS data via the exteral GPS.

A wireless security camera from your vehicle or office can be connected to a computer, tablet or mobile phone to enjoy self monitoring, This feature allows you to watch live video feeds from every single camera and detect prospective dangers. 

Once the cameras are placed, you will be able to see their effect on people almost immediately. Even if they are placed discreetly, you will start feeling a sense of security and you can prevent crime from occurring, which is priceless.

Wheter you’re exxperiencing problems related to theft, punctuality, or productivith,
your security camera can provide you with the solutions. It empowers you and prevents
your vehicle, home and office from becoming easy targets. When you install the cameras
the mere sight of the camera staring back at them, and the sheer thought of getting
caught red-handed are intimidating enough for mischief makers to be on their best
behaviou as they would know that their identity and illegal activity have been captured.

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Amalgam Communication PLC is a fleet management service provider

Amalgam for fleets is an innovative web-based fleet management platform available in SaaS and server-based delivery modes. The system lets you focus on KPIs of particular importance, thereby maximizing your efficiency. Reduce labor, fuel and depreciation costs by decreasing idle time, miles driven and managing
driver behavior. Plus, get to more jobs faster andget more done.

Fuel is typically one of the largest fleet
expenses. Finding ways to minimize fuel spent can substantially improve the bottom line.
Amalgam fuel monitoring system provides intelligent tools to keep track of fuel consumption and easily
detect fuel thefts. Fuel information can be sourced from CAN bus of a vehicle or after-market fuel sensors. Take charge of your fuel use with

Let the customer separate the field staff from their vehicles via a powerful tool to update work statuses,
chat with the dispatcher, receive target addresses with no need for a dedicated tracking device.
Discover GPS. GPS Tag is a native mobile app for smartphones or
tablets running iOS or Android. It turns the mobile device into the tracker that works seamlessly with the system. Provide great tracking solution without
having to sell any hardware!

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