Order placement

Maximum precise
order description

Option to attach
and view files

Search and filtration
by core fields

Core fields:

Type (single/permanent);
Name and cost;
Address, time interval and radius;
Item weight and volume;
Client information (name, phone number, e-mail);
Characteristics and product description;
Vehicle type;
Unloading time.

Simple process of planning

1. Select Orders
2. Select Vehicles
3. Check Preliminary order distribution

Key Benefit

  • Routing and addresses based on data from Google Maps
  • Effective “dispatcher-driver-client” communication pattern;
  • Precise order information to avoid misdirected orders;
  • Preliminary analysis of key performance indicators;
  • Option to view files attached to the order anytime and anyplace;
  • Import option for the companies utilizing third-party accounting systems for order list generation;
  • Time and cost savings due to relevant order distribution across delivery areas attributed to warehouses;
  • Default settings for new orders;
  • Automatic order distribution based on relevant criteria;
  • Option to adjust a preliminary route;
  • Time saving for the office and the field due to automatiс route sheet creation;
  • Custom tags to mark orders and sort or attribute them to warehouses by given properties;
  • Single and Permanent order types for occasional and regular deliveries; Filtration by type, time interval, warehouses and tags to prompt order selection;
  • Flexible notifications for customers, dispatchers and couriers with a comprehensive HTML editor;
  • Option to compare planned and actual routes to check courier performance in real-time mode;
  • Route export in .pdf and .xlsx.
  • Drag & drop to customize report tables and statistics;
  • Temperature information in reports for those businesses engaged in refrigerated transportation;
  • Comprehensive analysis of performance characteristics based on order reports;
  • Reports for groups of elements with a detalization (routes+orders) or without it (routes only);
  • Chat with a driver and an option to send photos

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Amalgam Communication PLC is a fleet management service provider

Amalgam for fleets is an innovative web-based fleet management platform available in SaaS and server-based delivery modes. The system lets you focus on KPIs of particular importance, thereby maximizing your efficiency. Reduce labor, fuel and depreciation costs by decreasing idle time, miles driven and managing
driver behavior. Plus, get to more jobs faster andget more done.

Fuel is typically one of the largest fleet
expenses. Finding ways to minimize fuel spent can substantially improve the bottom line.
Amalgam fuel monitoring system provides intelligent tools to keep track of fuel consumption and easily
detect fuel thefts. Fuel information can be sourced from CAN bus of a vehicle or after-market fuel sensors. Take charge of your fuel use with

Let the customer separate the field staff from their vehicles via a powerful tool to update work statuses,
chat with the dispatcher, receive target addresses with no need for a dedicated tracking device.
Discover GPS. GPS Tag is a native mobile app for smartphones or
tablets running iOS or Android. It turns the mobile device into the tracker that works seamlessly with the system. Provide great tracking solution without
having to sell any hardware!

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